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Why do I only see my mistakes?

I know it's human nature to see our mistakes but seriously, I see it every bag or really anything I make as being flawed.

I find it really frustrating because other people say they would not have known about that particular error had I not pointed it out. Today I made one of Alison's bags from LoreleiJayne and I used the wrong interfacing, it was too thick. If I could put in an emoji for this it would be a face crying.

Okay so I'm going to say it, it turned out alright anyway. I'm not going to say mean things about it, just that it's not bad. It's one of my favourite fabrics that Mum gave me a long time ago. I've made a few different bags out of it, including a big beach bag that I gave to Mum for Christmas last year. I think I only have one small strip left.

In any case, I'm going to try and not be so hard on myself. I'm making something that didn't exist before. I'm not sure how I can remind myself this but I'm certainly going to try. I managed to shoot a few pics of the process of making this bag and I think it's kinda cool because it's a small snapshot in time. Here's hoping for many more to come :)

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