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Triple layered masks

Yesterday morning at about 4:30 am I sat with a hot cup of tea, thankfully because it was really bloody cold, contemplating a three layered mask. I've tried to do them before and had trouble sewing the layers without missing bits here and there in the past.

With two layers of cotton and one layer of flannelette (this fine tightly woven fabric is good adding another filtered layer), they not only feel thicker but it's still easy to breathe thankfully.

Now I have a huge pile of pre-washed fabric (below), and lots of flannelette and a workable pattern. Actually I have four patterns, small kids 3-6 years old; young kids 7-12 years old; teenagers and women; and then finally men. I think I'll make one of each size, the kids ones are going to be pretty cute, especially the smallest ones but also sad at the same time. It's amazing how our world has changed in such a small time. If you'd told me a year ago we would be going through this, I wouldn't have believed it. It's been so quick to fall apart.

The beautiful fabrics

The outcome, less the elastic

I'll keep you posted!

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