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It's funny, when I started this web page, I knew I was definitely going to talk about sewing and bags but I didn't think I'd bring my crochet here too. I completely saw them as opposites but they're not and while I didn't literally write 'sewing' on the bags, it was obvious.

What I didn't say is that I love crochet too. I didn't think though that there'd be a place for both. So underneath the 'by Sarah', you'll see 'sewing and crochet' there now too. I think it's perfect. So now when I jump between projects, there doesn't have to be silence. Pictured left is my blanket I am making myself for my bed. It's from a few months ago but has been put on hold while I finish a few other things first.

My blanket is so pretty though and so I can't wait till I get back to it and finish it for next winter. With both crochet and sewing I'd like to be better in both. So if I had some goals that I'd like to reach with crochet it would be to be able to read patterns a little better. For sewing it would be to be more adventurous with what I make and to try to add elements in to it that I haven't done before.

Okay so more on that. For crochet my specific goal is to pick a pattern from one of my crochet books and copy it (especially the colourful one left Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs. For sewing, next time I make a bag or pouch, I will pretty much do the same but from The Build a Bag Book & Templates by Debbie Shore. I would however have to add an element from there, something I've never done and add it to a pre-existing bags style that I

already do, like add a zip to the top of my bags.

It's all very exciting. I can't wait but it will have to wait till after the markets on Saturday next week. So on that it will be at Hope on Boundary Cafe at 170 Boundary St, West End in Brisbane. I'm not sure what time it will be, but it will fairly early probably well and truly by 9am. I'll have my things with the 13th Flr collective. I'm off to make some more crochet water bottle bags. Have a beautiful Sunday.

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