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Temper temper

I spent ages on a lilttle pouch this morning and thought I'd stuffed it up right at the very end. So I got my scissors and cut the button off then threw it in the bin, muttering silly mistake to myself all the way.

It was then I thought about it and realised I hadn't made a mistake at all, that I had just damaged all that work with the scissors when I cut the button off, it also took a chunk of the fabric but it wasn't for nothing. I learned from it. I learnt to stop and have a think about it before I act in future. Slow down, descisions of what to do with mistakes may need to be rethought. Even if just to "park them" for a while.

Even though this pouch only took an hour up to this point, there was interfacing in there I could have used for something else, in this case it was fusible, so probably not reusable and don't get me started on fusible interfacing. I really don't like the stuff, give me sew-in any day.

I will put my sewing away for a bit and just read some of my sewing books. Sigh! It's ok, To lighten the mood, here's my most favourite furball in the world.


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