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Overlocker joy

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Over the last few weeks I have been having trouble getting my overlocker to work properly and I nearly gave up on it but I'm glad I didn't. This morning, while reading The Sewing Book, I thought I would have one more go at it. So I unthreaded it and then sat there and rethreaded it but I could tell that one tension disc was still not right, the underlooper was too tight and therefore the thread was snapping all the time.

In frustration I dialed the disc all the way to its highest setting and all the way to its lowest setting, and while I did that I heard a little click. The tension disc had released. I sent little prayers out to the sewing fairies and sure enough it worked just fine. I am so relieved. I really did think my overlocker was ready to go to the scrap pile, thank the sewing fairies it's not.

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