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Bag sewn by Sarah pattern by

I got this animal print as a remnant from Spotlight for less than $5 for almost two metres. It took me ages to use it but when I found this pattern from one of my favourite designers I just had to give it a go. The original pattern has a shorter strap but I like cross body bags traditionally, so I added in a longer strap. It would look good both.

The fabric itself is drill and the lining is drill too but just plain navy (as well as the strap) and I think this type of fabric is better in a way for bags as it is stronger and thicker than say a poplin. My current bag, shown below, is made of poplin but I still love it and it feels really lovely. I usually like striking fabric for bags. I like different fabric than what you usually see in shops. Why the hell not I say?

Bag sewn by Sarah pattern by

As much as I loved the chicken patterned fabric, it had its downside. All of the chickens go one way, as in their feet are at the bottom and their heads are facing up, making this infuratingly directional. For you non-sewers out there, this means that I had to cut the fabric out with them all facing the same way and it wasted a lot of fabric.

I guess wasted is a strong word, I never waste fabric, there are always things you can make with small pieces of fabric but It just meant I didn't have much left over to make bigger items from like I had hoped.

This was a tricky pattern. I am trying to learn how to thread my overlocker properly and it kept unthreading itself while sewing this bag. In the end it stuffed up so much I had to chop an inch off the bottom of the bag and hem it on the sewing machine. Then and only then did it come out okay and I am in love with it. It's my go to bag right now and although it eats my things, like small items, keys and whatnot, I love it.

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