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One day out...

So I wrote last time I had some health problems. Well tomorrow I am having major surgery to correct a problem with my diaphragm (yes breathing sucks at the moment) but I’ll be ok, at least I’ll be saying that in a week or two once I’m through it.

I haven’t sewn in forever it feels like, the last thing I made was my handbag and I don’t even think I got a pic of it just after I made it. It’s a variation on a bag in Sewing to Sell by Virginia Lindsay. Check it out as it’s a great book. I just took a couple of pics of the book but it’s the slouch bag you’re after and I just turned it into a cross body bag by lengthening the strap.

Sorry for such a huge image but I don’t have a laptop at the moment, it died, and my iPad won’t let me make it smaller. It’s all good, at least I found the book to begin with. I have another pic for you, the bag I am talking about above, if you can imagine it with a long handle and it grey and then white with forest animals in black, you have my bag.

I love this bag with a longer handle and...

this cute fabric with grey

Anyway, that’s it from me, wish me luck 😎


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