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Markets are on tomorrow

Where: Hope on Boundary Cafe in West End, Brisbane

When: I'll be there from around 8:30 am till around 10:00 am

I'll be with the 13thFlr collective, of which I'm a part of and we'll have a small range of condiments and other specialties. I also made the Friendship Soup Mix and the Pilaf, which are beautiful dry mixes in a glass jar with recipe attached. Just place dry mix in a pot, follow the recipe and ta da!

I am frantically trying to finish one and a half more of my crocheted Water Bud water carrier bags. I know I'll get the half done but not sure about the other one, all I can say is that I'll try. I have one turquoise, one purple, almost one natural. I'm hoping to have a pink variegated one too. Here's hoping. Have a beautiful day!

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