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So yes, firstly this is not a bag. I made Madeline a while back now and enjoyed every moment making her. Plushies are not easy to make but I seem to get a kick out of making them just as much as I do making bags. Probably more so because of their level of difficulty.

My Madeline looks similar to the one in Melissa Lowry's book, of which I highly recommend as it has excellent step by step instructions. I think the hardest part is stuffing the plushies as their legs are so skinny. In saying that though, their heads aren't easy to stuff either and they are way bigger. The best bit by far was making the clothing. I figure if I can make small fox clothing, I can make patterned clothes for me too. I have tried but so far I have been only been able to make really basic things. I have made PJ pants out of my old pjs though by drafting one to the other using a YouTube video.

So I guess not so unsuccessful but I get all muddled in clothing patterns. It's not that bags are easier, some of them are way harder than I thought they would be. I have made some doozy mistakes as I'm sure any sewist can tell you. Probably my biggest bag mistake was accidently sewing the strap on the inside of the bag and the worst part was it was my absolute favourite cat fabric.

That cat fabric was cursed. Everything I made out of it I stuffed up. I thought about buying more but I couldn't do it to myself. Anyway, Madeline has buddies, I'm thinking of making one or more of them.

This is Sasha the sloth and a very close friend of mine loves sloths. I made her a sloth face mask at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and she loved it. To make Sasha though would certainly be an achievement and I'm partly scared to make her in case I find her too hard. I have nothing to lose really because my friend doesn't know I'm not making her. If she does end up in a bundle of fur and tulle I guess I will still know that I am worthy, just not sloth worthy, well at this time anyway.

I'm not sure what my next project is yet though. I do have that nappy bag I was going to and didn't make this weekend just gone. Is it really Monday already? Wow, that went fast. Happy week peeps :)

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