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Child's face masks

I was thinking yesterday that I had a pattern for children's face masks but was unsure if I should go there, in the end I decided to and I had a go this morning. The mask I made was not out of kids fabric but I still think it's beautiful. I am going to get some kids fabric next week and make a few more. I do have some pretty floral fabric I might try and make some out of but we'll see. These are triple layered masks. Two layers of cotton and one layer of flannelette but still breathable.

The mask itself is is 5" by 3.5" (from chin to top of nose) and the first is listed on Etsy already. You can find the listing here:

I hope that they are not needed but if they are, they will be there. I'm making another size one size up and they will go up on Etsy when I have them.

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