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Cali and plushies

You may be wondering what plushies have to do with a blog on bags. Well, although this is a blog on bags, there are other things I like to sew as well, like clothing and plushies. If you aren't in the know, a plushie is a soft toy.

Now these little hens you can find at the link below. They are super cute and when I get the pattern, they don't look too hard, I'll give them a whirl. Famous last words. I have worked with felt before and my only gripe with it is that it's a bit slippery and these don't look that big, so that could be the tricky bit.

You may also have seen this beautiful soul on the top of my website banner, that is because this is Cali, my lovely little soul that I share my life with. She is special beyond words and has gotten me through many a bad moment. I just wanted to introduce her as you may see her a lot.

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