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My next effort will be the same style as the bag I made a few months ago (left) but with my funny little monster fabric (yes, the one that looks like a coronavirus monster) I'm aiming it at both kids and parents alike because some of the kids, the older ones I'm talking about, will like the irony of the fabric too I'm sure.

It was really cold this morning, so as I sit here right now with my beanie and my bunny slippers, at 10.51am, I'm wondering how long I can take before

I'm right there with Cali (my cat) on the bed, under the covers. Normally bright sunny (which it still is) Queensland, is not normally cold (and windy!) especially in the corridors of my building.

My day has started later than normal, with a stop in the cafe downstairs (in my bunny slippers), I tried to sneak in but got sprung right away, probably shouldn't have also been wearing a beanie and a poncho :)

Okay, I'm off to make this bag or I'll not end up getting anything done today. I want to do something at least with this fabric.

Wish me luck and some warmth while you're at it :)

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