About Me

I started to sew only a year ago and although it's been a slow old year, I was amazed when I got a facebook reminder yesterday of when I made my very first bag and oh, it was not the best shall we say but I'm still going to show you. I never in a million years thought I would be sewing still a year later, making not only bags but plushies and clothing too and it's also great that I am better than I was then and that I can understand patterns better and most of all that I love it just as much.

Personally I think it's all those books you can find out about in my blog, that helped make me understand so much more about sewing in general. I love the way it feels to sit at 4am, with a hot cup of tea and my chosen book in my hands. Ahhh bliss.

For the future, I hope it's off to the markets we go, we'll soon see I guess. On that, I'd better start sewing!

My very first bag

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